Vishen Lakhiani – Nominees of Winspiration 2017

Vishen Lakhiani – Nominees of Winspiration 2017

Here is our 5th nominee for the most ‘Winspirational’ person of 2017: Vishen Lakhiani. There is so much to tell you about Vishen that we have made it simple and let him speak:

We recommend that you watch this YouTube Video. This interview will make it clear why Vishen Lakhiani is one of the world`s most inspiring people.
You will learn, not only about his vision, but you will also get the chance to discover many (w)inspiring thoughts, approaches and ideas for your own life!

Follow the above link and take a look!

On May 7th, 2017 at 6pm L.A. time, the person who we feel will be the most ‘Winspirational’ person of 2017 – the winner of the ‘Winspiration Award’, will finally be announced.
Follow the whole event, join us via live stream:

Be part of this movement!
Use this day to the full, with its abundance of inspiration and information to enrich your life; let it take your life to a different level, enrich it enormously, and encourage you to live it as the life you have always desired.
Be inspired:

The Best is Yet to Come!

Kind regards, Wolfgang Sonnenburg – President Winspiration Association

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